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What God?

Heyyy! Happy November. I hope everyone is having an amazing Fall. Thanks so much for sticking around and reading my posts even though I don't post as often as I should. I'll get better.This morning I woke up with something heavy on my heart and as I was praying God was like "let ME remind you". So here it goes.From a young child being brought up in church I would sometimes sit in disbelief because of they way people explained God. My little opinionated kid self would always say "I don't know what God they are talking about because that's not the God I serve." Don't get me wrong..I love God with every fiber of my being but this babysitter nursery school God is not who I know.Over and over I've heard the testimony of how people went to God and said "here's my stuff" and HE took it and they lived happily ever after...I tried it multiple times and it never worked out that way.I was about 5 when I first tried to pull that stunt. I r…

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